Monday, 31 August, 2009

Where Lies Mahabali

I guess I am withdrawing slowly from the blogging front. A feeling that I am doing adequate writing in the newspaper lead to this blog losing priority. Writing in newspapers is a double-edged sword. Newspapers have a style, certain requirements, deadline tensions and space constraints that lead you to write in a way that is often not creatively satisfying. Sometimes the subbing of your stories also leads to heartache. But at the end of the day, the satisfaction of engaging with society and governance and the hope that you are making a small difference to peoples lives, keeps you afloat.

I was telling Ashok, who is now in Calicut, some weeks back that the fiction writer in me might have died. A professional editor, he sprang a surprise on me last week when he asked me to write a short story for his blog. He was even kind enough to suggest a theme, probably knowing that my block needed some external help to pierce through. He asked me to write a story connecting Onam and Loyola. I nervously agreed to write. It had been a year since the last fictional exercise. But I finally pieced together something. Hope the result satisfies readers. Happy Onam everyone! Where Lies Mahabali


scorpiogenius said...

So the one-among-us modest writer has graduated into a professional reporter for the national daily of the world's largest democracy! Am I not happy to hear that!!!

From a few hundreds everyday your writing is now going to reach millions man!?? Wishing you good luck and a fruitful and satisfying career. I'll be keeping a look out for the Jiby Kattakayam articles on Hindu now on.

And whats your niche, if you dont mind me asking?

Anonymous said...

Chumma blog-um kondu irikkathe pathu kaashu ondaakkan nokkedaa cherukka...

Jiby said...

scorpio, thanks for the comment. i doubt if a million readers see kozhikode stories, but it has been fulfilling to make the transition from blogger to reporter. yet to find my niche, but i love covering developmental issues like agriculture, health, gender and school education.

anon, is money everything in life?

Anupama James said...

It is bad if the fiction writer in you is slowly dieing, need to revive it them.
Stories are a great way to educate and reform, fiction is not bad.
A story lives a long life than a newspaper article, right;-)?

y-tether said...

You have an engaging style of writing. Very colourfully written story - the Mahabali one..